Contacting AS112 Operators

Routing and Peering

AS112 instances are operated by a community of volunteers that are only loosely coordinated. There is no central contact point for issues related to routing and peering with ASN 112. The best way to identify and contact a specific AS112 operator will depend on the circumstances.

If the AS112 instance local to you is reachable, you can query for the SOA, TXT, and LOC records for which should return information about the instance.

% dig +noall +answer \ -t soa \ -t txt \ -t loc

The result will look something like this:

                604800  IN      SOA 1 604800 60 604800 604800     604800  IN      TXT     "Example, Inc" "Toronto, Canada"     604800  IN      TXT     "Unique IP:, 2001:DB8::1"     604800  IN      TXT     "See for more information."     604800  IN      LOC     43 39 12.5712 N 79 23 2.9436 W 80.00m 1m 10m 10m
The MNAME and RNAME of the SOA record should have the hostname of the machine that responds as well as the email address of the operator responsible for the instance. The TXT records should have more information about who the operator is, where the instance is, and the unicast IP address of the responding host. The LOC record, if it exists, will have information about the general geographic location of the host.

If the instance is not answering queries, you will need to use other means to identify its operator. Most AS112 instances hosted at Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) are present on the PeeringDB listing for AS112. At an IXP, you may have a membership email list or chat server where you can ask about who is operating an AS112 instance. For instances reachable by transit, you can try identifying an AS112 instance by checking the immediate upstream AS number for a hint about who might be hosting the instance.

Other Issues

Since 2009, the AS112 address blocks, the ASN itself, DNS for the AS112.NET zone, and this web site have been under the stewardship of DNS OARC. You can reach admins at OARC by sending email to